Lowcountry Bottle Trees

Handmade Bottle Trees created in the heart of the Lowcountry

Lowcountry Bottle Trees are consistently rated as the most beautiful bottle trees by our customers!  Each bottle tree is a handmade work of art that is created to bring your yard to life.  Lowcountry Bottle Trees are solid steel structures that are designed to last a lifetime.  We offer styles to accommodate any size or space and they are certain to bring a sense of Southern Charm to your yard.  Our bottle trees are always in "bloom", no matter the season.

Bottle Tree legends date back to the 1600's and imply that they are "Spirit Catchers.".  The legend tells us that each night spirits would go up into the bottles and become trapped.  They would then be burned by the light of the next day: therefore, keeping homes safe from evil spirits.  Regardless of folklore, Bottle Trees have become a Southern Tradition in yards across the nation.

Don't settle for less than a true Lowcountry Bottle Tree, by Charles Duncan, when making your bottle tree purchase.  We are certain that you will be impressed with the quality and beauty that only our trees can provide.  Enhance your yard today with a unique focal point by adding a beautiful, historical Lowcountry Bottle Tree.

Bottle trees make wonderful gifts - give that special someone a gift they'll love forever!

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